Dining in Andorra is a pleasure for all tastes and budgets

Andorran gastronomy is very rich and varied, especially when it comes to top quality local products. With more than 425 restaurants with culinary influences from nearby France, Spain and from further afield, in the Andorra you can enjoy everything from dinner on top of a mountain to cheese fondue at a gastrobar in an igloo.

If you’re coming on a business trip, you’ll find establishments that can welcome groups of any size as required by the company.

Andorran cuisine: delight your palate

Andorra is a mountainous country, so its cuisine will bring you all the flavours and aromas of its special geography. Highlights include seasonal products that are only available at certain times of the year, such as winter vegetables, cured meats or wild mushrooms.

A suggestion? Accompany your meal with a craft beer and don’t forget to try Nectum, a fir tree syrup you can have with salads, meat or on ice cream.

If you’re someone who likes to discover traditions when you travel, in Andorra make sure to visit a borda that has been converted into a restaurant.

Bordas are old traditional alpine houses that were used to hold grain and livestock in the past. Some bordas have now been transformed and refurbished, allowing you to enjoy their warm and welcoming architecture and decoration while discovering traditional Andorran cuisine.

Do you love gastronomy? Discover culinary events in Andorra

Culinary events keep tradition alive in the country. That’s why gastronomical events are one of our most important tourist attractions. The highlight among them is Andorra a Taula.

Many know this event, held in autumn, as a showcase for Andorran gastronomy, where chefs from restaurants around the country bring recipes selected just for the occasion, in the spirit of culinary excellence and great service.

Other gastronomic events

  • The Escudella of St Anthony and St Sebastian (January)
  • The popular Sardinada and Butifarrada during Carnival (February)
  • The Lo Mandongo winter culinary festival (February) in La Massana
  • The Andorra Food & Drink Show in Ordino (September)
  • La Massana Fogones (October)