Andorra has been a pioneer in wellness tourism and holistic health for many years

We know that wellness is a lifestyle, which is why we are improving our range of options in this field, which is growing in size and quality, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the latest health and beauty treatments during your stay here.

Both Andorra’s hotels as well as its thermal centres and spas offer facilities and treatments so you can enjoy wellness all year round.

Caldea, the biggest thermal centre in Europe

With a revolutionary concept and spectacular facilities, Caldea has achieved international recognition both for its range of treatments on offer as well as for its prime location, becoming another of the Principality’s great claims to fame.

When you arrive at Caldea, the first thing you will notice is its unique architecture, designed by the architect Jean Michel Ruols. It’s an avant-garde style with mineral and crystalline references designed to captivate you just with its design.

Caldea is divided into 4 totally different spas. Thermoludic is the most family-oriented of Caldea’s spas and includes its iconic central lagoon; the next is Origins, offering a wide variety of baths as well as a hammam and sauna, in addition to an outdoor solarium for resting. Likids is an innovative spa just for kids between 3 and 8 years old, offering fun and relaxation. And finally there is INÚU, the adults-only spa featuring a peaceful space where you can relax.

The centre has several supplementary offers that have been designed so you can have a unique experience at its facilities.


Wellness tourism is an increasingly popular activity, where you can enjoy switching off for a couple of days while you visit the country, and at the same time boost your well-being with a comprehensive health and beauty treatment, following one of our ground-breaking methods. Or how about a tweak or two with cosmetic surgery, to contour a detail of your body?

Discover Andorra Health Destination, where you will find premium-quality products that are completely focused on each client and their needs.

Stay immersed in wellness

The wellness of our visitors is one of the top objectives of Andorra’s accommodations. There is a wide selection of hotels and aparthotels and you’ll easily find the one that best fits your needs.

Take advantage of the full range of possibilities offered by their spa centres and enjoy their treatments, finding the perfect balance between rest and health. This is the perfect option for those wanting to get away from it all and immerse themselves in nature and the peaceful atmosphere of Andorra.