How do you get to the Principality?

Andorra’s proximity to the large urban centres of France and Spain and its geographic location favour access to the country through a large network of communications: bus, train, car and plane will allow you to quickly get to the Principality.


If you are coming by car

No international driving licence is required for driving in Andorra if the reason for your visit is only tourism.

Distances to Andorra from:
París 861 km. Burdeos 427 km. Toulouse 185 km. Perpignan163 k. Foix 100 km.

Madrid 613 km. Bilbao 601 km. Valencia 496 km. Zaragoza 300 km. Gerona 271 km. Barcelona 208 km. Tarragona 198 km. Lérida 185 km.


If you prefer the plane

In fact, Andorra doesn’t have an airport, due to its location high up in the mountains. However, there are other possibilities for those who want to travel to the Principality by plane.

The closest airport, with the official name Andorra-La Seu Airport (LEU), is located in La Seu d’Urgell, a town bordering our country, and the capital of the Alt Urgell region (in the province of Lleida). This high mountain airfield has the navigation technology necessary to offer flights all year round. The Spanish company Air Nostrum currently operates commercial routes to various destinations in Spain. The first to Madrid, which allows its passengers to use a wide range of international and intercontinental connections. Private flights can also be made from Andorra - La Seu Airport.

In addition to this neighbouring facility, Andorra has several international airports within a 200-kilometre radius, such as Toulouse-Blagnac (TLS)Carcassonne (CCF)Perpignan (PGF)Girona-Costa Brava (GRO)Barcelona-El Prat (BCN)Reus (REU) and Alguaire (ILD).



If arriving by bus

The connections by bus from the main Catalan stations are mainly concentrated in Barcelona, Vic, Gerona, Tarragona and Lerida. In the case of France, the bus station in Toulouse has a regular service to Andorra.

Barcelona Est. Nord – Ponts – Andorra la Vella (ALSA)
Barcelona Est. Nord -Túnel del Cadí – Andorra la Vella (ALSA)
Barcelona Aeroport (T1/T2) ��� Andorra la Vella (ANDBUS)
Barcelona Aeroport (T1/T2) – Barcelona Est. Sants – Andorra la Vella (AUTOCARS NADAL)
Barcelona Est. Nord – Solsona – Andorra la Vella (ALSA)

Girona – Girona Aeroport – Vic – Andorra la Vella (ANDBUS)

Lleida Est. de BUS – Lleida RENFE – Escaldes-Engordany (VIATGES SOLDEVILA)
Lleida Est. de BUS – Lleida RENFE – Andorra la Vella (ALSA / VIATGES SOLDEVILA)

Hospitalet de l’Infant – Andorra la Vella (ANDBUS)
Reus – Andorra la Vella (LA HISPANO IGUALADINA)

Tui – Escaldes-Engorday – Pas de la Casa (CAMINO BUS)

Hospitalet – Andorra la Vella (LA HISPANO IGUALADINA)
Tolouse SNCF- Aeroport Tolosa – Andorra la Vella (ANDBUS)

Arcos de Valdevez – Valença – Escaldes-Engordany (CAMINO BUS)
Arcos de Valdevez – V.P. de Ancora – El Pas de la Casa (COOPERATIVA INTERURBANA ANDORRANA)

Porto – Andorra (CAMINO BUS)

  (+34) 902422242

  (+376) 805151

  (+376) 865500

  (+376) 806555

  (+34) 977 770698

  (+376) 803789

  (+376) 828117


If you are coming by train

The cities with a railway service closest to the country have a bus service with direct connection to Andorra.

Sants station (Barcelona)
Lleida Pirineus Station (Lerida)

Matabiau station (Toulouse)
Andorra – Hospitalet station (Hospitalet)


Private taxi service

You have a private taxi service to get you to Andorra more freely. At the present time, there are different transport companies which provide a daily service 24 hours a day.

  (+376) 863000

  (+376) 812345

To get around inside the country

The proximity to the urban center of Andorra is achieved through the communication network: buses, cars and taxis will allow you to move around the Principality.


On public transport

Two regular lines connect the parishes and the main stops are on the busiest roads in the urban centres. The tickets can be bought on the bus itself. The services usually run from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Express bus: his is the fastest, most frequent line which connects the urban centres of each parish to the capital. The route crosses the country on side roads to avoid the town and village centres. The express bus is identified by its orange colour, and the stops are located in the outskirts of the towns and villages.

Interurban lines: The interurban public transport service connects all of the towns on six different lines crossing the urban centres. Each parish has a municipal transport service which connects the small villages not covered on the main routes. You will find the stops in the main streets and avenues of the urban centres.


By taxi

Unlike other countries of Europe, the taxi service is usually given from the taxi ranks or by booking by telephone. The taxi ranks are generally in the most central streets of the shopping areas.

Taxi association of Andorra
  (+376) 863000

Express taxi booking centre
  (+376) 812345


Vehicle rental

Another way to see the country and get around freely is to rent a vehicle from any of the rental centres you will find in the country.

  (+376) 818888 (ACB Mmeber)

  (+376) 871855 (ACB Mmeber)


Mobility telephone numbers and web sites

Traffic Management and Information Centre:
  (+376) 1802 1802

State of the roads:
  (+376) 848884 (24 h)
Telephone numbers for finding out about the traffic before entering Andorra Spain.

Spain: Servei Català de Trànsit:
  (+34) 935 674 000 (24 h) / 902 400 012

France: Info Routes (Ariège):
  (+33) 561 027 575 (24 h)

Documentation and visas

Andorra does not require visas for any nationality.

However, as it is necessary to go either through Spain or France to get to Andorra, all nationals from countries not in the Schengen area must check at home whether they need a multiple entry visas to enter or leave the countries that form part of the Schengen area and be able to get to Andorra.

The type of visa will depend on the country of origin of the visitor, although the most common is usually the double or multiple entry visas. The documentation needed for entering the country will basically depend on whether the person is of legal age.