Documentation to travel to Andorra

If you are thinking of travelling to Andorra, whether for a business trip or as a tourist, it is important that you know to bring the necessary documentation, especially if you are travelling with the whole family or want to bring your pet.

My children are minors. What documentation do they need to travel to Andorra?
When you travel with minors, they must have a passport or identity card. They must also be listed on one of the passports of their adult companions.

Important: if children are going to be travelling alone, they will need an authorisation to leave the territory (which can be obtained from their local city hall or a police station) and a valid passport or identity card.

In either case, a family record book is NOT a valid document to present.

My pet is my family. What do I need to do?
If you cannot imagine being far away from your ‘little one’ for too long, the documentation for entering Andorra includes their passport, health card and updated vaccination record.

If your pet is a dog that is known to be potentially dangerous, don’t forget to bring their lead and muzzle as required by law.

Where should I go if I have questions?
The first place to go is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Institutional Relations. You can visit their website at Or if you prefer, you can call them on (+376) 875 700.

Likewise, depending on your nationality, you can take care of any formalities at embassies or consulates; listed below are those of Spain and France, the countries bordering Andorra.

Embassies and consulates

Embassy of Spain
(+376) 800 030

Spanish Consulate
(+376) 800 080

Embassy of France
(+376) 736 700

French Consulate
(+376) 736 730

Other phone numbers of interest
  • Embassy of Portugal: (+376) 805 308
  • Honorary Consulate of Portugal: (+376) 805 305
  • Honorary Consulate of Belgium: (+376) 386 598
  • Consulate General of Switzerland: (+376) 871 330
  • British Consulate in Andorra: (+376) 862 080
  • Honorary Consulate of Chile: (+376) 735 785
  • Honorary Consulate of Germany: (+376) 861 036